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Sprint PCS Wireless Web Digital Link

Tue Dec 18, 2001 - 6:16 PM EST - By Mark Pierson


Sprint PCS Digital Link SB3000Since the introduction of the VisorPhone, people have asked when a phone module would be available for other cellular technologies. AirPrime, Inc. originally announced the SB1000 on September 27, 2000. In March 2001, AirPrime and Sprint PCS announced that the first field tests of the SB3000 were successfully completed. August 2, 2001, brought an announcement that the module would be available in September. That date slipped slightly and the SB3000 actually appeared on Sprint's web site in early November, and in their stores a few weeks later.

Digital Link BoxThe package contents, enclosed in Sprint's standard silver box, include the SB3000 module itself, a Lithium Ion battery pack, a comprehensive 170 page User Guide, the Sprint PCS Wireless Web Digital Link CD-ROM, a travel charger, and a Plantronics M-120 headset.

At first glance, the SB3000 looks similar to the VisorPhone, but at 3.9" (including antenna) x 3.0" x 1.1" and weighing 3.5 oz., it is slightly larger and heavier than the VisorPhone. When inserted into the Springboard slot, the module extends the overall length of the Visor by 1.65" (including the antenna length of .8"). Overall thickness is increased by approximately .44" to the rear.

The module feels rugged and well made. The plastic casing is solid and craftsmanship is exceptional. Even the stub antenna is solid to the point that I don't think it will break if it should snag something.

Digital Link FeaturesOn the module are three buttons for Power (1), Phone Apps (9), and Data Apps (8). There's a Ring Profile Selector slide switch (2), Service LED (6), Battery LED (7), the Earpiece Speaker (5), a standard 2.5mm Headset Jack (3), and the external Antenna (4).

A Lithium Ion Battery Pack (rated for 7 hours of continuous talk time, 300 hours standby) attaches securely to the rear of the SB3000.

True to the Springboard slot's plug-and-play design, there's no setup required for the Digital Link. Simply attach the battery, and insert the module into the Springboard slot. A full screen Sprint logo will fade-in and then the main Speed Dial screen of the Phone App appears (the intial display screen can be changed in the Phone App's Preferences).

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Product Info
Name Sprint PCS Wireless Web Digital Link
Company Sprint PCS
Dimensions 3.9" x 3.0" x 1.1"
Weight 3.4 oz
Hard Cover Compatible No
Battery Type Lithium Ion
Standby Time 300 hours
Talk Time 7 hours
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