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Treo & Visor going on a fax/print mission

Mon Mar 25, 2002 - 11:12 PM EST - By Michael Ducker

The InStep Group released InStep Print 2.2 and a plugin for it, InStep Fax 2.2, priced at $29.99 and $19.99 respectively.

InStep Print 2.2 is an application which enables printing to almost any IR capable printer. It will print documents from DataViz, Cutting Edge, iambic and Blue Nomad plus standard Palm items. It uses advanced fonts to give a PC printed look.

InStep Fax 2.2 is a plugin for InStep Print. It makes it possible to print to fax, which will than utilize almost any fax capable visor/treo modem in existence. A first for fax software, InStep Fax supports the VisorPhone as a wireless fax modem.

"InStep Fax™ allowed mobile users to expand direct point-to-point fax beyond laptop and desktop computers. With version 2.2, device support has been extended to include leading edge products like Handspring’s VisorPhone and Treo product lines plus Samsung’s i300 smart phone. Now, with a single device, users can send word processing, mail, spreadsheet or other documents directly from their device to any Group 3 fax machine from any geographic location covered by their cellular service or via a modem connection to a standard telephone wall jack.

“As Handspring continues to work toward meeting the increasingly varied needs of the mobile consumer, we are excited to work with developers such as the InStep Group,” said Rita Sharma, business development manager for Handspring. “InStep Fax 2.2 provides reliable, high-quality fax transmission that allows users to stay connected anytime and anywhere with their Treo communicators.”

In addition, the InStep Print/Fax rendering engine has been enhanced to support additional document features. Users of popular applications from DataViz, Cutting Edge, and Blue Nomad will observe a noticeable boost in document quality and supported features. Recipients will not be able to tell whether the document originated on a handheld device, a network printer or fax server or fax machine - the quality is that good. "

A 30 day demo version is available for both, and VisorCentral is working on a Preview/Review.

A note of warning: We have come into problems enabling our GSM phones (VisorPhone, and Treo) to work with Fax. Apparently the GSM standard gives each device three phone numbers: voice, data, and fax. To the annoyance of customers, VoiceStream only makes that fax number available through iStream, or datastream. Calling VoiceStream customer support and asking for fax support to be enabled on our device only resulted in a long string of confusion. *sigh*


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