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Preview: Stowaway XT

Mon Oct 28, 2002 - 12:15 AM EST - By Michael Ducker


Ok, let me clear the air. The Stowaway XT is only available for the Palm Universal connector, and Think Outside will not comment on future products (Read: no Treo Stowaway yet).

However, after working with this device for the last couple of months, I encourage all of you to read this because the device I am about to tell you about is beyond words.

Today, Think Outside, makers of the original Stowaway keyboard, and Palm Inc., released the new Stowaway XT. (Palm has named it the “Ultra-Thin” keyboard, but we will refer to it as the Stowaway XT in this article).

For anyone who thought that the Stowaway was a marvel of engineering, you won’t believe this. While still keeping a full size keyboard this new model is half the volume, half the height, and 30% lighter than the original Stowaway. This means that it is thinner than a Visor or almost any Palm OS PDA. It can actually fit in your pocket – no, not my teenager cargo pants, a real pocket.

Stowaway XT >>


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