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Presenter-to-Go reduced to $99

Sun Nov 3, 2002 - 12:29 PM EST - By Marcus Adolfsson

MARGI Systems last week announced a special, end of year sale price of $99 for the Presenter-to-Go Springboard module.  In support of Handspring’s price reductions on the Visor line and to provide a competitive pricing edge in the handheld market, MARGI is reducing the price of the Presenter-to-Go Springboard module to keep this mobile presentation solution within reach of Visor owners.

Presenter-to-Go Springboard module is an easy to use, fast and flexible tool that turns your Handspring Visor into a powerful presentation solution, making professional quality presentations fast and easy.  Presentations created in PowerPoint or any printable PC application can be easily transferred to a Handspring Visor handheld and displayed via a digital projector in high-quality, full-color 1024 x 768 resolution.  Similarly, local handheld content can be displayed on-screen via the MARGI Mirror feature.

The only software and hardware solution of its kind, Presenter-to-Go allows users to selectively hide/show slides, drag and drop slides, view slide text and presentation notes, continuously loop slide shows and is bundled with a credit card-sized infrared remote control for ease of presentation.

The newly reduced pricing went into effect November 1, 2002, and the module is available on the MARGI Systems Web site and from resellers across the country including CDW, MobilePlanet and PC-Mall.


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