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Thu Mar 15, 2001 - 11:18 AM EST - By James Hromadka

James recently got a Titanium PowerBook G4.  Will the Presenter-to-Go help make laptops like his obsolete?

PtG ModuleIn the corporate world there is only one certainty -- PowerPoint presentations.  Every day in America, someone discovers PowerPoint and fills 100 slides with goofy clipart and tiny text.  Now travelers can ditch the laptop when making those presentations by using the Presenter-to-Go™ (PtG) Springboard module from Margi Systems.  You'll have to master PowerPoint on your own.

The Hardware

Take this instead of your laptopThe Presenter-to-Go module comes with everything you will need to make presentations using either a digital projector or a monitor: a 12" adapter cable, VGA gender changer, A/C adapter, carrying case (for the module only), and a remote control that lets you manipulate slides through the Ir port of your Visor.

The module comes with 2 MB of memory for storage of around 100 slides.  You can also store presentations in the Visor's memory.

As for software, the PtG comes with a CD-ROM that installs a PowerPoint plug-in and print driver to your Windows 98/Me desktop.  I was very surprised that the desktop software does not work under Windows 2000, as many corporations are using Windows NT or 2000.  Mac users also need not apply.

Setup >>


Product Info
» Name Presenter-to-Go
» Company Margi Systems
» Color: Yes
» Weight: 0.7 oz. (not including cables)
» Size: Standard size
» Desktop Conduit: Windows 98/Me
» Hard Cover Compatible: Yes
» Fact Sheet & User Opinions
» Unknown
» $99

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