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Visor Platinum

Thu Nov 2, 2000 - 1:02 PM EST - By James Hromadka

Visor PlatinumDo you wish your Visor Deluxe had a little more "oomph' in it? Do you want IR Sync and some of the other benefits of Palm OS 3.5? Then check out the Handspring Visor Platinum from Handspring.

Physical Specifications

The Visor Platinum (VPL) is the fastest Visor to date, featuring a 33 MHz Dragonball V2 processor and Palm OS 3.5.2H. It has a casing that is exactly the same as the Visor Deluxe (VDX), but only comes in Silver -- however, the entire casing is Silver, not just the front half. Unfortunately, the deluxe stylus, hard cover, and cradle are all graphite. The Platinum, like the VDX, uses two AAA batteries and should have comparable, if not better, battery life.


Looking at the Platinum, it's hard to tell that you have a more powerful handheld than the Visor Deluxe. The Platinum uses the same screen as the VDX, same button layout -- same everything on the outside. The only difference is the silver color. One of the raging debates in the Discussion Forum that I have seen is whether the Platinum uses silver paint or silver plastic -- the answer is both. If you take off the Springboard stub, you will notice that it is solid silver plastic on the inside but has a silver texture on the outside like the rest of the Platinum. I took a knife and grazed against the outside and paint came off. I like the textured look and am glad that Handspring uses it.

Unlike the Visor Prism, the Platinum is usable in daylight. Like the Visor Deluxe (and all Palm organizers since the IIIx), the backlight on the Platinum is worthless except in pitch black scenarios, and even then it's only marginally passable. This is the one area where users that move up from a Palm III or earlier have to "take the bad with the good." The screen is clearer than a Palm III, but the backlighting of my old Palm III (pardon the pun) really outshines the Platinum.

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Product Info
Name Visor Platinum
Company Handspring
Color Silver, Graphite
Memory 8 MB
Speed 33 Mhz
OS Palm OS 3.5.2.H
Battery Type 2 AAA Alkalines
Weight 5.4 oz
Dimensions 4.8" x 3.0" x 0.7"
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