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Sun Jan 14, 2001 - 5:11 PM EST - By James Hromadka

Making a Call

Speed dial listingQuickly press the Phone button on the right side of the VisorPhone to launch the Phone application. This brings up a speed dial listing. Tap on a page number or use the up/down buttons on your Visor to change screens.

In progress screenTap any of your created buttons to immediately dial a number. Once the party answers, an in-progress screen appears that shows the number dialed and the person's name if you have it entered in your Visor's AddressBook or speed dial listing.

That's it! You can also use your Visor's normal AddressBook to make a call. While the VisorPhone is inserted, tapping on any phone number in your address list will bring up a screen with all of the phone numbers for the selected entry. Tap Dial to call the number. During a call, press and hold the Phone button to hang up; press and hold the phone button when not in a call to redial the last number.

One thing that I noticed about using the AddressBook is that if you do not have the international prefix (i.e. +1 for US numbers), the VisorPhone will prefix your numbers with a 1. If your number format is +1 ### ### ####, the +1 will be ignored.

3-Way Excitement

Putting someone on holdDuring a call, you can tap the Key Pad button if you need to enter any numbers, or tap Hold to call another number. After pressing Hold, you have an indicator for how long you have someone on hold (a nice touch). You can either take someone off hold or make a second phone call. Throughout all of these screens, you will notice that the buttons are nice and large. Time to make a 3-way call and burn those free minutes away.

On 2nd callAfter making a second call, you can switch between your two phone calls by pressing the swap button. The active call will have a dark phone icon next to it. Tap the 3-way Call button to talk to both callers at once.

In 3-way3-way calling is one of those features that is rarely used, but the VisorPhone makes it so easy to make a 3-way call that I think more people will begin using the feature.

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Product Info
Name VisorPhone
Company Handspring
Weight 2.9 oz. [83g] with standard battery
GSM Bands 900/1900 MHz
Size 2.4" [6cm] X 2" [5cm] X 0.6" [1.3cm]
Fact Sheet & User Opinions
$99 (w/o Service Activation)
Free (w/ Service Activation)

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