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Availability Discontinued

(Flush Hardware + Software Type II)
(Flush Hardware + Software Type I)

MatchBookDrive by MatchBook Products LLC

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The Flush MatchBookDrive Adapter (Model MD-100) will let you use a CompactFlash card in your Visor handheld, while not interfering with covers or cases.

You can easily change CF cards, so you can have extra file storage for your handheld, or even move files easily from one Visor PDA to another, or from your PC to your Visor PDA. You move files from RAM to CF and back using FAFileMover software.

The MD-100 comes with the FAFileMover software at no extra charge.

See VisorCentral's extensive review for more infomation...

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  87% Thumbs Down 13%

Thumbs Down

Seems kind of funny. People are leaning towards the matchbook which is no longer available. You go to their site and they are selling InnoPocket. For less than InnoPocket. Email address @yahoo. Seems to me, the way to go is InnoPocket. But then MemPlug is the same price. Would sure like to know why this section is even still live, sure matchbook still claims that they have these discontinued ones available, but you can only buy InnoPocket.
by offsprung

Thumbs Down

MemPlug has made this adapter obsolete
The MatchBookDrive adapter is no challenger to the MemPlug. I would suggest to buy a MemPlug.
by acajigas

Thumbs Up

Might have gone with the Thinmodem Plus
But the matchbookdrive/thinmodem combo seemed like a better choice. There's two modules instead of one, but the memory is much more upgradeable with the matchbookdrive. I also put the FAFilemover software in the Thinmodem's memory, so if I have any problems with resets I can use the two modules to restore everything to it's prior condition.
by ashman

Thumbs Up

Excellent, however...
... be advised that the 'slight' protrusion of the Compact Flash card complicates some matters! The snap-on lid does not fit backwards- whcih means that cases with that mount won't work either! ... The CF card, if not inserted carefully, can easily bend the pins in the drive! ... There is no 'Springboard' version of the software- if you have a bad reset, you have to re-load the software in a Hot Sync. These may be minor points to you- if so- go for it! Especially at the introductory price- this is a great deal!
by Madkins007

Thumbs Up

Works great, but should have waited.
I am very happy with my Matchbook Drive Compact Flash Card Adapter. It works as advertised. I wish I had waited for the MD-100. The MD-100 will house the Compact Flash Card (CFC) completely inside the Visor’s housing. As it stands my CFC sticks out about 1/8 of an inch above my Visor (as explained on the Matchbook Drive website.) I have the Rhodiana case and the fit is very tight. I don’t know if the downward pressure on the MD-001 and the Spingboard connection in my Visor will be a problem or not. I am not able to use any databases (My Bible and Mobile DB) unless they are on the Visor’s RAM, but it doesn’t take long to copy them over from the CF. I do like being able to create folders on the CFC so I can group my databases. It’s nice to see about 4MB available on my Visor these days.
by Bib Tom

Thumbs Up

Works like a charm
Really happy with my Matchbook drive and the FAFileMover software. Both work great and provide some added functionality. Let me make use of those 8MB compact flash cards I had sitting idle in my desk :o)
by CData

Thumbs Up

Works as promised. Best Springboard Module I Own
I recieved my Matchbook today @ 3pm (2/21/2001) and by 4pm, had my visor backed up and loaded all the programs I didn't have room for. I used a 128MB CF card I had laying around (Simple 128MB) and it works great. Only think lacking is an overall progress indicator in the Kopsis FileMover App. It's a tad bit slow, but having 128MB of palm software on demand is awesome. This is by far the best springboard yet (I have the visorphone, soundsgood MP3, 8MB backup module) -ed
by BigEd

Thumbs Up

it is great product!!!
it can solve the problem of my storage....
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Thanks for the great article, I just ordered mine and very excited
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

InnoPocket vs. Matchbook
I looked at pictures of InnoPocket adaptor and the matchbook adaptor. The InnoPocket adaptor seems to stick out too much out of the slot. This will create a problem with my fliptop case. Matchbook is the only way to go to me (for now that is). I don't have an immediate need for the adaptor at this time, but I will defenitely place an order for a matchbook sometime in the next three months.
by Anonymous

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