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Battery Type Built in Lithium Ion battery

OS Palm OS 3.5.2.H

Speed 33 Mhz

Memory 16 MB

Color Silver

Weight 5.7 oz

Dimensions 4.8" x 3.0" x 0.7"

Availability Unknown

Visor Pro by Handspring

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The Visor Pro has the most memory for any Palm OS handheld. 16 MB let you store everything, from your favorite game, to your favorite picture, to your best friend's phone number. It has a built in rechargeable battery, and the Springboard expansion slot. The Visor Pro comes with a cradle, metal stylus, and a hard cover cover.

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  80% Thumbs Down 20%

Thumbs Up

Small size for big storage
Only slightly bulkier than other standard visors, yet memory enough for everything, including e-mail storage and web page use. I also bought the Springboard 16 backup module, so back the whole thing up in seconds.
by jpeavler

Thumbs Down

The most usable Visor
I love the 16MB and the ability to easily read it outdoors and in a car...the biggest shortcomings of my Prism.
by twclark

Thumbs Up

great product!
i love it.. i really do...
by bronzefury

Thumbs Up

If you need memory and speed, this is your unit.
I purchased the Pro to replace my original Deluxe. I tend to not like change and was pleased with my Deluxe overall. But I am on the road quite frequently, and between my contacts (which live in Action Names), my docs and spreadsheets...and Avantgo and Vindigo, I was always using 6k of memory, and the machine was getting slow. I know that thin is in for handhelds, but what I needed was RAM...built into my machine. I own a wired modem for my Deluxe and it works perfectly from any land line...I use it in hotels, airports, etc...just like I used to use my lap top. So with a 50 dollar instant discount plus free shipping from Handspring, I decided to take the plunge. And when the price dropped, they honored that for me. Now they are shipoing with the travel charger, which I must try to to get. So far, so good. Loaded up with my usual 6k of applications, and the unit is still rapid. The biggest suprise is the rechargeable battery...week 3 of daily use and we are still going strong. No overniters so I am not browsing or emailing incessantly, but the batteries have been great for my daily sales calls. If you are ok with not having a thinner unit, and want a tried and true format with tons of memory, this could be your PDA.
by scottw44

Thumbs Up

Top of the line monochrome.
I got a Pro to replace my Deluxe, and I have enjoyed it a ton. I know there are color units out, even for less money, but monochrome is all I need. While I kept the RAM in my Deluxe bursting at the edges I can somehow keep about 4 meg free on my Pro without feeling like I have to leave anything at home. The processor speed has been very dramatic for me, and I love the 16-bit greyscale in programs like Fireviewer. One of my main limitations with the Deluxe was that I always had to make sure I had a freshly charged pair of AAA's in my bookbag, or at least a place to buy some off the shelf. With the Pro I do not stress out about battery life at all. I have never been below a 90% charge, where my Deluxe would need a fresh set of batteries about every day and a half. I am not sure if another 8 meg and a built in battery is worth the $100 premium it holds over the Neo. And many will not want to spend $300 on a monochrome unit when they can get a Prism for $50 less. I do not want color though, I value battery life over asthetics. Now that Handpsring has a $50 instant rebate on the Pro it may be an easier decision to make. I just payed the price for being an early adopter, but it was worth it!
by Tonewiz2k


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