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Memory: 3K on Visor when inserted

Weight: 0.6 oz.

Size: 2.05"x2.126"x0.33

Hard Cover Compatible: Yes

Availability Unknown

8 MB Flash Module by Handspring

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Store hundreds of applications on a single module! The 8MB Flash Module lets you store your applications and back up your data in a format that's a snap to add.

It comes with a built-in File Mover application that lets you copy, move and delete applications on both the module and the handheld. You can even back up and restore the individual data files using the same tool (for one-step backup of everything on your Handspring handheld, try our Backup Module).

To ensure that you're never out of space, each 8MB Flash Module stores over 200 typical Palm OS applications.

Developers can also use the 8MB Flash Module to prototype and test applications designed for Springboard ROM modules.

See VisorCentral's extensive review for more infomation...

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  76% Thumbs Down 24%

Thumbs Up

The best solution out there
I picked this one up at Staples for $20 on clearance..and thats not open box. I had a compact flash Memplug before and it sucked. I spent $40 on it AND had to register the software I needed to make programs run from the memory. What good is that? On top of that, programs that did run from the Memplug crashed CONSTANTLY. Needless to say, I took it back and got the Handspring Flash module instead. What a difference. Programs run with no problem at all. The only thing is, when you transfer files, especially on the Prism, it sucks the battery down quick. Get one while they are still out there.
by Q99NY

Thumbs Up

A real safe memory expansion
As I own a simple Visor only 2 MB system memory are not much. With the 8MB Flash Module I get additional memory to store all the programs. And they are still executable !!! The system memory is free for my data. If I back them up into the module too, I feel save against all problems as reset or empty batteries or nc-cells.
by chdaniel

Thumbs Up

a great memory expansion
I've been using it for about 6 months now - works great, especially since I currently own Visor Solo with only 2 megs of RAM... With this Flash module I managed to store several huge dictionaries and other e-books in it while still leaving about 1 Mb free RAM on the Visor.
by Lovejoy

Thumbs Up

Lots o' RAM!
You can store .PRCs on it, but not their databases. This is OK, because the PRCs are usually bigger than the database. The only time this isn't true is when you have an E-Book or a Map. In that case, and when using any other database that doesn't change. However, don't try to store hacks or that novel you've been writing that needs constant editing. It is also good for copying the bare essetials (address book, to-do's, emails, etc.), so you'll at least have something if you have to hard reset and don't have a backup.
by Thunderbird291

Thumbs Up

Who doesn't need more storage space?
OK, so you have to be careful and only move .PRCs to the module. Big deal. Works like a dream for e-books and such. I also found this useful in transfering large files to my friends' Visors. A lot faster and less fickle than infrared transfer. They just pop in the module and copy to their internal memory.
by Soul Raven

Thumbs Down

No Hacks!!!
Friend of mine accidentally moved his Hacks from the Internal memory to the Module. The module is now useless, it crashes everytime. He has to return it. Be careful what you move to the module.
by Sal

Thumbs Up

Perfect for the purpose
I agree with all the previous reviews. For the person who thinks they were "tricked" into spending $80 - I would argue that I completely understood that you couldn't write directly into the module memory before I bought it. I think that it is accurately marketed as a storage module.
by Intern

Thumbs Up

Great if you carry lots of texts or programs
Once I got some help from people on the VisorCentral message board, I was really able to use my Flash Module. You can run apps from it so long as you run them once on the visor so you create the database for the application. So long as you leave the working database on your visor, you can put everything else on the module. I would also recommend some sort of backup program, since you can't load directly onto the flash module. I use my backup module then clear the visor's memory then load everything I want to put on the flash module and transfer using the filemover application. Can't wait til they make a utility which allows direct loading...
by PurpleMD

Thumbs Up

Works great and does what it is supposed to do, with minor glitches.
The 8MB flash module does what it claims - doubles the memory of the Visor and allows for programs and data to be stored on the module (the Sony CLIE memory sticks don't allow running programs off the memory). I've noticed that some programs do not work well off the module. For instance, I had to update to the latest version of Aportis in order to read DOC files off the module. Data transfer can be a bit slow at times, too, and I've noticed after transferring large files I get a bit of a hit on battery drain. Other than that it's a great product and allows me to load things like the Noah Lite dictionary on the module without eating up 1-5 megs of system memory. As an aside (and this is nitpicky), I don't really like the Handspring sticker on the module - makes it look weird. Otherwise a great product.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

not good for databases
I have a huge databae on HandBase and I cannot transfer it to the Flash Module. This shortcoming is something that Handspring should look at closely
by Guido

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