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NuShield Screen Protectors by NuShield

NuShield films install easily and stay in place without the use of any adhesives. Nushield can also be easily removed, cleaned and reinstalled, if necessary. Unlike other products on the market, NuShield works with either color or monochromatic PDA's.

The super-thin surface has a pleasant feel and the special coating helps to reduce glare on the PDA screen.

The best news is that each NuShield film LASTS UP TO FOUR MONTHS unlike competitors that need to be changed every 3-4 weeks.

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  50% Thumbs Down 50%

Thumbs Down

threw them away...
got them w/ scratches already, disappointed even more that it made my screen look foggy. Garbage!
by jespi48356

Thumbs Down

Looked great; intermittent touch-screen problems
I've used WriteRights before, and the appearance of this product is far superior. I also appreciated the smooth surface for grafiti. However, the NuShield is slightly larger than the visible display, and is designed to be slid under the case at the edges of the screen. This caused false readings on my touch-screen intermittently. For example, whenever I picked up the unit, the Find function would be activated--because the touch-screen was being pressed by the case, due to the added thickness of the NuShield between the case and the screen. This was merely annoying, but in addition at times, the case would press on the touch-screen in such a fashion that the entire Visor would stop responding both to the touch screen AND to the buttons, including power. In this state, removing the NuShield immediately rectified the problem. With the NuShield in place, twisting the Visor gently (!) would sometimes return control for a while. One potential disclaimer: I have replaced the screen in this Visor, and it seemed to be a slightly tighter fit when I re-assembled it, so this may not affect stock units. It is worth noting in any case, that the NuShield stays in place not just by static or surface-tension cling, but by being trapped by the edges of the case surrounding the screen. While trapped, the surface tension should make the film adhere nicely to the screen, making it more transparent, and also preventing it from slipping sideways while using the touch-screen, but it isn't sufficient to hold the film in place on its own. I really wish it worked reliably on my Visor; your mileage may vary.
by dbump

Thumbs Up

NuShields are the best
I have been using NuShield screen protectors for over 6 months and it has been a wonderful experience. The convenience of not having to change films every month is great. I use the graffiti area a lot and there are no scratches on the screen, much less on the NuShield film. This is the best product on the market today!!!
by Lindsay Abrams

Thumbs Up

I had been using the adhesive protectors on my Platinum, and they worked well enough. However, I recently acquired a Prism and I quickly discovered that the adhesive protectors do not work so well with the color screen. The NuShield protector, however, is fantastic! It's almost like not using a screen protector at all as the Prism's color and brightness is virtually unchanged. The NuShield's smooth surface also makes writing Graffiti easier, faster, and much more pleasant than the textured surface on the adhesive protectors. Installing the NuShield is far easier as well, and the air-bubble problem is non-existent. When it gets smudged, or if some dust happens to find its way under the protector, the NuShield can be removed, cleaned, and reinstalled. (Try that with an adhesive protector!) They are a bit pricey as compared to the adhesives, but I think they're worth it. The only problem now is that I have to figure out what I'm going to do with the unused adhesive protectors I still have left.
by gregw


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