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Size: 5 1/8"x3"x1 1/8"

Weight: 3.3 oz.

Ir In Case No

HotSync in Case: No

Case Type Leather

Held by: Strap-in

Availability Unknown

Wilderness Nubuck by Handspring

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The Wilderness Nubuck case does a good job of covering the front and back of the Visor. The top, right, and bottom sides of the Visor, however, are exposed. I think the Visor would be ok in a small drop, but falling on a corner could be a problem; on the other hand, this isn't the type of case that you buy solely for the purpose of security. The nubuck leather is similar to velvet in that you can make "patterns" by rubbing your finger across the dark brown part of the case. This doesn't detract from the overall look, and is easily fixed by rubbing in a different direction on the case. Aesthetically speaking, this is a very nice looking case (my wife said "Oooooh" when she saw it). The dark brown tones are very stylish, and the leather smells great. This is the kind of case that would look great in any corporate setting.

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User Opinions
Thumbs Up  88% Thumbs Down 13%

Thumbs Up

Excellent case
I got the case today. I think it is excellent. The materials and workmanship are quite good, the case is actually a lot thicker than I thought it would be, and quite rigid. I wish I could fit more cards and coins into it, but I still think it is great!
by calroth

Thumbs Up

Great case!
I love the case. It's the perfect fit and feel for my visor. All my friends are impressed on how well it fit the visor. It's a little pricey, but it's definitely worth it.
by ec914

Thumbs Up

Looks good! works well.
I like it because my visor still fits in my suit coat pocket with the case on. I has room for some business cards, a small notepad, credit cards, or whatever you want to put in it's pocket.
by jsd

Thumbs Up

It Rocks
I use it as my wallet as well as my carrying case. It only holds about 3 cards, but that is all I need. I even put my key card for work in it and don't ever have to worry about losing it.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

This is a good case
The two dark colours create a nice contrast. It would be nice to have increased protection on the sides but hey it's the appearence that counts right?
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

I love the case, but. . . .
My only negative comment is that the cover contacts the screen when it is closed. I know this because I use a WriteRight and there is a V-shaped smudge on it that matches that of the pocket on the inside of the cover. Filling that pocket with business cards, cash, etc., only makes it worse. I doubt it does any functional damage (at least with a WriteRight) and I hardly notice the smudge anymore, but it might really bother some people. BTW, if you use a Pentopia Slimline Twin Point stylus (also reviewed here) in the stylus pocket, it will not fall out. This is because it's not very heavy and has a clip to hold it in if necessary.
by rtalain

Thumbs Down

Problem not mentioned
The review fails to mention what I consider a big problem with the design of the Premier line of cases and that is the method used to house the stylus along the spine of the case. There is a pocket area sewn into the spine that accepts a stylus through a punched hole. With the case open the stylus slides into the picket and "appears" to be secure. However, when the case is closed the tension on the pocket is released somewhat and the pocket looser than it was when folded open. With a heavy stylus (PDA Panache), there is nothing to hold the stylus in this picket and it will fall out. The problem increases as the case is used and the pocket stretches, slightly. If you carry the case in your hand you will lose your favorite stylus. The design could be improved by adding a wrinkle of leather above the pocket that would place a small amount of tension on the stylus.
by v

Thumbs Up

Great looking case!
I have the wilderness nubuck and like it alot. I would say it is more black and brown, instead of dark brown and brown. That is great because it looks right with more clothing options. Yes, I do care that the case matches my shoes and with black and brown, I'm covered for all my options. The only bad part is the stylus holder. It does not firmly hold the stylus and I have many times nearly lost my stylus from it falling out! However, if you really push the stylus into the pocket, it is less likely to try to escape.
by Dude


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