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Hard Cover Compatible: Yes

Weight: 0.6 oz.

Memory: 8K on Visor when inserted

Size: 2 1/8" x 2" x 5/16"

Availability Unknown

InnoPak/2V by InnoGear

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The IP/2V is a standard sized Springboard module that will fit inside all carrying cases. (See below for how well the vibrating alarm works in specific carrying cases.) You will know when the IP/2V is inside your Visor because it weighs 0.6 oz, but the weight doesn't make the Visor too heavy. I like the label on the IP/2V, as it is classy and doesn't have too many colors.

The IP/2V comes in two colors -- Graphite and a special Ice model that has a blue circuitboard, giving the Ice IP/2V a bluish color. This is a great idea, considering that Blue is the most popular color for the Visor Deluxe model.

See VisorCentral's extensive review for more infomation...

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  80% Thumbs Down 20%

Thumbs Up

Works for me!
Bought one used off The extra memory was very handy and everything I've moved to it works fine. The "silent" alarm is a bit noisey but since I have my Deluxe in a Zipit case, that is fine with me. I did update FileMover (the software for managing files, it comes installed in the memory module) to version 2.0 (see the InnoPak web site) and it didn't seem to make any difference. It worked fine before and after. BTW, FileMover lists ALL (in the Visor memory as well as the module) the files on your Visor and allows you to move, delete or copy them. I did find a couple of leftover data files and deleted them. Nice extra.
by Ahnyer Keester

Thumbs Up

Good item, usefull...
Good unit, software works fine, worth it...
by Dfrog62

Thumbs Down

False advertising
Both the Innogear website and the package instructions boast a "silent" alarm. When people can hear it over my cel phone, well...Exchanged it for a Xircom modem slashed to $70 CDN, and I couldn't be happier.
by VancouverCanuck

Thumbs Up

Nice Module
Adds more memory which is good and vibrator is cool. The extra memory is a good plus.
by Techie2000

Thumbs Up

to the benefit of 2meg Visors
file mover application is great, gives all the needed info and is quick. I bought it for the memory, the vibration is an afterthought.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

OK, but little problems
When I first plugged in the I/2V, my Visor immediately started vibrating, and didn't stop. My cue to read the documentation on how to use the IP Test program. It still does this when plugged in. By the time I got to it the first time, my fresh battery was half-dead. Even with no alarms, battery life is about 1/2 to 2/3 of normal. The memory is a nice addition. Comes with a FileMover app.
by Alan

Thumbs Up

Like the vib
Due to high noise levels where I work I got this module. The review at provides info on setting the alarm to change the vib time. This should save the battery a little.
by j762538

Thumbs Up

The claim is a vibrating alarm and 2MB flash. It is noisy outside of a case, but to benefit from the vibe, I assume most people would use a belt case (as I do) or have it in a pocket, thus greatly reducing noise and certainly vibing sufficiently to grab your attention. And with 8MB Visor, 2MB is enough for my extra needs at the moment... but then again I keep adding new goodies, so perhaps the 6 Pack will be needed!
by MacMacRead

Thumbs Up

Useful product, great service
I got my 2V from the clearance sale of VisorCentral, and it turned out that I'd gotten a VERY early model which was buggy. Innogear was prompt and courteous in shipping me a replacement at my first complaint. My Visor Dx is quite quiet when the alarm goes off, but I can make it louder by setting it on a hard surface -- the best of both worlds, since now I can use it to wake me up in the morning.
by William Tanksley

Thumbs Up

Very slick.
I've been holding out for Innogear's SixPak, but I was running out of memory, particulary when I use the EyeModule. Works great, the install is very easy. The vibrating alarm is a little too powerful if you ask me, but still useful.
by Anonymous

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