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Rumors Archive

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Treo 90 unleashed
Visor Edge Discontinued? Not according to Handspring
New Handspring PDA with a Twist?
Preview: Springtooth
The Treo Submerges
The Treo surfaces
More Edge Photos and details
Visor Edge photos
Visor Edge
The Palm m505
Comdex rumors
More on the VisorPhone
Updated: Color Visor
Rumor: New Palm device
Handspring's up to something wireless
RUMOR: Color Palm VII coming?
Palm IIIc info/pictures
More Apple rumors
Color Palm in CompUSA's database
Color is coming!
PalmPaq coming?
Color Visor this year?
Updated: Apple Palm-Compatible Rumors
Color Palm in February?
Color PalmOS Screenshot
ON24 on Handspring
Sony Palm OS Device in early 2000
September 14th is here
More Details on TRGPro
Handspring in Color
Visor Photo?
Launch date by the end of this year?
HandSprings' domain registrations


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