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Backup & 8MB Flash Module by Hagiwara Sys-Com

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For anyone who has ever lost valuable data due to drained batteries, a hard reset, or other mishaps—or haven't but feel you're living on borrowed time—we've got the solution. The 2-in-1 Backup & 8MB Flash Memory Springboard module is the perfect insurance policy.

Not only will you be able to back up or restore the entire content of your Visor™ handheld's internal memory with a single tap, you'll also have plenty of extra storage at your stylus tip—enough to hold and run large applications or a bevy of small ones. Plus, the built-in File Mover application makes it easy to copy, move, sort or delete Palm OS® applications and data files to and from the module.

Backup and memory expansion functions work independently.
With the Backup & 8MB Flash module, you can:

Back up or restore data with a single tap
Store more than 200 typical Palm OS applications
Copy, move or delete applications easily with the built-in File Mover

See VisorCentral's extensive review for more infomation...

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  33% Thumbs Down 67%

Thumbs Up

This one rides in my Prism full time.
This module is the answer to a prayer. I am always fearful of my Prism battery draining before I can sync or find my backup module. Now I can use the extra memory for photos or those big apps like Zap2016 and backup on a regular basis without juggling modules. Now if only my other prayer for a Prism upgrade can by answered ;).
by HindeR

Thumbs Down

Visor needs bigger cards
In these days of big cheap compact flash cards the Visor needs better solutions. I have a 128 MB CF card in my Handera for example and I can run apps from it or CF+ cards. The Visro line is looking more dated every day due to these limitations and screen size.
by tthiel

Thumbs Down

Backup should be separate from Visor
Point of having a backup module is to restore your Visor in case of disaster which means to keep it separate from Visor in case you lose the Visor. This module is useful in addition to a Backup module. However, a better solution would be a SM or CF card slot rather than flash.
by BudPritchard


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