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Dimensions 0.7" 4.8" x 3.0" x 0.7"

Battery type 2 AAA Alkalines

OS Palm OS 3.1.H

Memory 8 MB

Speed 16 Mhz

Color Graphite, Blue, Green, Orange, Ice

Weight 5.4 oz

Availability Discontinued

Visor Deluxe by Handspring

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The best selling Visor ever, the Visor Deluxe has 8 mb of memory, and a monochrome display. The Visor Deluxe comes with Palm OS 3.1.H, has a 2 bit monochrome 160x160 screen, and comes with a cradle, high quality metal stylus, and leather case. Like all Visors, the Visor Deluxe has an integrated Springboard slot that makes it infinantly expandable. It runs on Alkaline batteries.

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User Opinions
Thumbs Up  92% Thumbs Down 8%

Thumbs Up

What did I do without this technological marvel?
I love my Visor Deluxe. Soon after purchase I added the VisorPhone module and, as if it were possible, found I love it even more. I use it EVERY DAY for the important and mundane. Love it so much bought my honey one. Now, he's hooked, too.
by michellesuf

Thumbs Up

Loving it
This is my first PDA and I have got to say, I made the right choice. It's affordable yet fast and very useful. I can't leave home without it ;)
by zade

Thumbs Up

Though it is the cheapest PDA it gives all the others do.
Pros: - Software included - USB connector - Expandability - price Cons: - poor display
by hlasala

Thumbs Up

An excellente combination of expandability, efficiency and price
Expandable Good software improvements Technologically advanced (it is faster than the brand new m500) Excellent hotsync Not so good dsiplay
by hlasala

Thumbs Up

Great Product - Simple, Solid, Functional
This is my first PDA. After reading various reviews, I decided to buy it. The reviews are right. It is so simple to do almost everything that is available on it. I have downloaded and bought a few software to enhance it functionality. Though it may not match the power of a notebook (look at the price difference), it do almost all the daily things I want. No regret. Looking forward to even more amazing products from Handspring.
by eyloh

Thumbs Up

Better than your average Visor
Affordable, Fast, Lots of Memory, what more could you want? Plus it comes in different colors!
by Armengar

Thumbs Up

The verdict is in. It's good!
After a year of using the VDx in school, I can safely call it a lifesaver. It's a great alternative to loose leaf paper. If only teachers would beam worksheets instead of handing them out :-( .
by ernieba1

Thumbs Up

I love my visor deluxe
I got a blue deluxe. I use it all the time. I'm a student and I keep track of all my homework, tests, projects, and activities outside of school. I put a couple games on it so I can keep myself entertained when bored. I really like it.
by gorrak

Thumbs Up

Pimped Out
Oh wow!! I wish my girlfriend was as informative and serve more than one purpose like my Visor Deluxe. I just had my first problem with my VD butt dang handspring customer was on the ball the emailed me back within a hour???? can ya belive it an hour!! well my VD devloped a stress crack along the side starting form the on button. well i press the on button and a small piece of plastic popped off. I only had it 6 months, Butt handspring customer service told me they would replace it. butt i found my recipt and i bought a "best buy" warranty and they replaced it. and i got a new color to. that was neato. The only complait i have is it takes forever to sync. well cause i got VINDIGO, which is my most used application, and AVANTGO, and jungleport and i hate waiting for the VD to sync. I wish handspring would come up with a new sprinboard that had arms and legs for my VD so i COULD MARRY MY VISOR DELUXE!!!!!
by culo77

Thumbs Up

First PDA and I'm happy!
This is my first PDA and I did quite a bit of research. It was between this, the Palm lllxe, and the m105. All three were the same price so I had a difficult choice. I happened to get a deal for the Visor so that clinched it. Plus I read the best reviews for the Visor Deluxe. I'm pleased to say I made the right choice. The Visor is great! The cover is a bit awkward but you can always buy a nice case. Plus it comes with a slip case. The USB cradle is fantastic. I sync my Visor with my PC everymorning and it takes less than a minute. Thats with downloading all my AdvantGo webpages. I rush in the morning so this is a must for me. It's also fast and the buttons are firm. All in all this is a great PDA if you are trying to decide like me, go with the Visor!
by ginn7

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